Waste Management companies in kampala

If you’re looking for a reliable waste management company in kampala to help you handle your trash, here’s our list of some of the best available waste management companies in Kampala/Uganda.

We recommend you try out the yo-waste mobile app. Yo-Waste mobile app is a location based mobile application that connects households & businesses to the nearest local waste collectors in their communities and is reliable, affordable & convenient. Look at it like an uber for garbage collection services in kampala.

The Yo-Waste customer mobile app allows individual households & small businesses to manage waste collection services from a handy smartphone. Request for on-demand services, regular collections, extra pickups,rate collections, view invoices of all previous collections all in one place.

Here’s our list of waste management companies in kampala

1. Asante Waste Management Kampala

Operating in areas of Bugolobi, Luzira, Munyonyo, Entebbe and many others, you can use Asante to help you manage your domestic waste, medical or hazardous waste in Kampala.

2. Globe clean Waste Management

Globe clean waste management collects domestic waste in areas of Ntinda, Naguru & Kisaasi. The company will help you keep clean at all times with their superb quality services.

3. De-Waste Waste Management

De-Waste Waste management specializes in hazardous waste around Kampala, Entebbe & Mukono. The company also provides domestic waste collection services in areas of Luzira, Bugolobi and others.

4. KAD Agency

KAD Agency Waste Management will help you dispose of your waste while providing the best quality service to your home or business. The waste management company operates in kawempe division.

5. Homeklin

Homeklin Waste Management company collects household waste home to home from people living in the Makindye division. The company will help collect your trash around Makindye in time.

6. Deers Mart (Abakaasasiro)

The Waste Management company operates in areas of Kikaya, Ntinda and kisaasi & collects households refuse home to home. The company has a 5 star rating from customers using it on the yo-waste app.

7. Bin it Services Uganda

BinIT Waste Management company operates in Kampala and collects both domestic refuse and hazardous waste. The company provides an excellent waste management service in kampala and will help you get rid of rubbish from wherever you’re.

8. Nabugabo updeal ventures

The waste management company is very popular in areas of Kampala city metropolitan (city center) and as well areas of Rubaga division. Nabugabo updeal ventures collects household refuse from homes and businesses within the central business area of Kampala city.

9. Kampala solid waste consortium

The consortium has other tens of waste management companies operating under its name and these companies operate in Nakawa and Kawempe. Such companies include Bins Abakasasiro, union of private waste collectors and many others.

10. Hilltop Waste Management

Hilltop waste management company operates in areas of Kawempe division. The company collects household & business refuse from the areas it operates in kampala.

Check your Yo-Waste mobile app for the availability of any of those companies in your location. Or You can check locations we operate to see if yo-waste is in your community.

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Technology-based Waste management startup that offers waste & Recycling solutions for homes, businesses & government with a mission to eliminate waste.

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Yo Waste

Yo Waste

Technology-based Waste management startup that offers waste & Recycling solutions for homes, businesses & government with a mission to eliminate waste.

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