Unveiling Yo-Waste App’s Impact on Entebbe: Operations Manager Shares Insights

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5 min readJul 31, 2023
Bbosa Benjamin —Yo-Waste Entebbe Operations Lead

An operations manager plays a pivotal role in any organization, ensuring that all teams are in sync to keep operations running. As Yo-Waste Inc., we pride ourselves on our growth, One City At A Time, with our mission being to build zero-waste communities through technology.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make Yo-Waste’s resounding success in Entebbe possible, ask no more. The answer is to be unveiled today by the passionate and meek Bbosa Benjamin, our Operations Manager in Entebbe. Join us as we pull back the curtain and delve into the insightful world of operations at Yo-Waste Entebbe. In this exclusive interview, our operations manager unravels the complexities and innovations that have shaped the Yo-Waste App’s profound impact on Entebbe’s elite and local communities, transforming waste management like never before.

  1. How would you describe the current waste collection landscape in Entebbe? Are there any specific challenges or opportunities unique to this area? (A General Overview)

Before our services came into this sector, waste collection in Entebbe was characterized by inconsistencies and inefficiencies, from how waste was managed in the city and in the suburbs, to how it was eventually disposed of.

Yo-Waste has offered a transparent and convenient solution, not only for managing waste but also for creating awareness of the impact of this waste disposal on the environment.

We've, however, faced some challenges in this area:


  • Behavioral change

Most people have always had these misconceptions about waste management, i.e., that they prefer to dispose of the waste themselves rather than pay for a service that is professionally provided. It’s been a challenge to change the mindset of the people.

  • Payment

The challenge of payments also arises, as clients may fail to pay on time or not pay for the service at all.

  • Infrastructure

There’s an issue of bad roads, generally in most parts of Uganda; Entebbe is no exception; transporting waste and getting to clients on time becomes hard.

  • Landfill

Disposal of organic waste has one big challenge: the Nkumba compost site gets filled up.

As much as there are challenges, we can’t fail to identify the opportunities we have explored in this area.


  • We have a good number of people who are absolutely receptive to this service.
  • We can’t fail to mention the employment opportunities that we have given to some of our residents here in Entebbe.
  • We have a plan to support CBOs (Community-Based Organizations)
  • We HAVE CREATED Brand awareness for ourselves.

2. What services does Yo-Waste Ltd. primarily provide to residents of Entebbe (Bana’Entebbe), and how do they differentiate from other providers there (in terms of efficiency and sustainability)?

  • Yo-Waste primarily offers Bana’Entebbe affordable waste collection and recycling services for both residential and non-residential/ business clients.
  • Our services are reliable and efficient, which differentiates us from other service providers in this sector.
  • We conveniently connect our clients to independent haulers in their communities, which ensures efficiency in the collection of waste.
  • We also ensure a sustainable waste management and disposal approach through our recycling, re-purposing, and conversion to energy of materials collected, contrary to the traditional processes of only collecting and dumping waste.
  • We offer training initiatives to clients and those willing to learn proper waste management/recycling and disposal for an eco-friendly environment (responsible waste disposal)
  • Primarily, Yo-Waste is an app-based waste management service provider. Different from all other traditional waste collection services, ours is a smarter and more innovative approach to a sector that has been misconceptualized over the years by inefficiency and inconsistencies. All you have to do is download the app.
Digital Garbage Guys from Yo-Waste at work in Entebbe

3. Can you share some insights into the waste collection process, from pickup to disposal? How do you ensure proper waste segregation and recycling practices after collection?

Once a client expresses interest or reaches out to us for a service, we work hand in hand with the client to establish what work plan best suits him/her in terms of effectiveness and convenience, whether the client is a walk-in, or uses the app.

Take the example of one of our clients, MOVCOM Airbase, located at Entebbe International Airport.

  • Waste is always picked up every Friday.
  • This client always disposes of and segregates their waste, so when we pick it up, it is always sorted.
  • We dispose of the organic materials.

Plastics are given to small-scale plastic retailers, who in turn transport them to a high-end retailer.

4. In your experience (as Yo-Waste Entebbe Operations Lead), what are some common misconceptions or myths about waste collection services, and how do you address them on a daily basis?

There are several misconceptions about waste collection services, from inconsistencies of garbage collection, and inefficiencies in disposal to the health impacts Some of these misconceptions include:

  • Improper waste disposal

Some of our clients are concerned about how the waste we pick up is disposed of and if it is appropriately disposed of. To deal with this misconception, we present our NEMA waste disposal license and Acceptance Letter from one of our compost sites in Nkumba where we deposit our organic waste.

  • Pollution

Another misconception that arises is the issue of pollution and environmental degradation.

We have environmental conservation campaigns, we do community cleanup arrears, and we do sensitization on proper waste management.

  • Inefficiencies in waste pickups

Most of our clients worry about whether their waste will be collected on time; we endeavor to do this, keeping schedules, and in cases where the circumstances are unavoidable on our end.

Prior communication can be made to clients to notify them of the changes.

5. How do you collaborate with the local community (aka ‘Omuntu Wawansi’) and businesses to promote waste reduction and encourage responsible waste disposal practices?

  • Yo-Waste has initiatives in communities that teach people proper ways to dispose of their waste.
  • For our clients that do not use the app (those who don’t own smartphones), schedules are made at which waste or garbage can be picked, and prior communication is made to them if there are unavoidable changes to these schedules.
  • Proper waste collection materials, for example, bins, bags, etc., are provided to our clients to ensure they have convenient means to manage their waste prior to pickups.



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