Trashing The Garbage Burning Within Your Soul

Yo Waste
2 min readOct 5, 2020

Oh dear,
Please wake up and write something you’ll want to read 20 years from today. Why do you spend time reading on such a platform if you cannot write what you read? The most obvious answer is probably to learn how to write it.
Are you reading useful content? Have you taken the time to sample the audience here with a piece of your fire? If yes, has your fire been put out or tended? Let’s start here;

There’s a piece of garbage that’s been burning in your life for decades. You’re going to have to trash it out of your life today. The thought that you can tend the fire of your garbage and still do life like a hero all at once… it’s an acrimony between you and your own spirit, and it can never allow you create.

You’re too busy tending to your false fires and getting your creative covered in soot that you somehow think will be easy to wash off once your garbage has burned to the last piece of polythene. Have you the slightest idea what you’re inhaling?

Daughter of Eve, Son of Adam, you’re burning your lungs. How shall you breathe 20 years from now? The air is good, it does boast an inexhaustible amount of oxygen you can run along with over the years, but you, my friend, are polluting your own atmosphere with a bad air of insouciance going off your burning garbage.

That’s a strange and completely dangerous sense of entitlement to your life. You sure do hold some titles to your soul, but certainly not to the atmosphere in which your body survives. Methinks you have exactly zero rights to degrade the world with your burning piece of garbage. It’s called Decency. More than that, it does have a lot to do with civilization.

Do not live with your garbage. Download the Yo-waste App from Google Playstore and order a collection. Yo-Waste will have your hopelessness trashed out. Twenty years from now, you’ll be able to live with yourself knowing you trashed your garbage a long time. You’ll be used to living in a clean environment where you can spend time reading what you’re going to write today. Like Yo-Waste App was created to suit your garbage collection needs, I hope you find the grace to create and write your story today. Get creating buddy! Happy week ahead.



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