Three Ways(3) To Keep Your Home Waste Free: A Glimpse into the Yo-Waste Holistic Approach

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6 min readSep 1, 2023


Ever asked yourself the best way to keep your home clean and free from waste, and what happens to that waste thereafter?

Today, we bring you our Business Development Manager, Steve Hawse Emalu to share with you a glimpse into Yo-Waste waste management workflow and holistic approach. With his prior experience as a Sustainability and Recycling Lead, Steve has a strong understanding of how to manage waste disposal and recycling, from the home level up to big corporate entities.

Steve pitching an idea at Yo-Waste Ltd. offices

1. What are the core principles that guide your Yo-Waste Ltd.’s holistic approach to waste management?

Yo-Waste Ltd.’s holistic approach to waste management is guided by three core principles, each of which plays a crucial role in achieving its mission of building zero-waste communities, one city at a time. These principles ensure that waste is properly managed, reducing its negative impact on the environment and promoting sustainable practices.

Reliable Waste Collection:

Reliable waste collection forms the foundation of effective waste management. It involves the regular and efficient pickup of waste from households, businesses, and other sources. This principle ensures that waste doesn’t accumulate in public spaces, preventing the formation of illegal dumps and reducing health hazards associated with improper waste disposal. By providing consistent waste collection services, Yo-Waste Ltd. helps create a clean and hygienic environment for communities, encouraging proper waste disposal habits among residents.

Safe Waste Handling:

Safe waste handling focuses on managing waste in a way that minimizes health and environmental risks. This principle encompasses proper sorting, packaging, and transport of waste to prevent spillage, contamination, and exposure to hazardous materials. Yo-Waste Ltd. places importance on training its personnel to handle waste with care, following best practices for occupational health and safety. By ensuring that waste is handled safely and responsibly, the company contributes to the well-being of both its employees and the communities it serves.

Diversion of Waste for Recycling:

A key component of Yo-Waste Ltd.’s approach is diverting waste away from landfills and illegal dumps by emphasizing recycling and reusing. This principle promotes a circular economy by encouraging the collection and processing of recyclable materials, turning them into valuable resources. By partnering with recycling facilities and promoting awareness among communities about the importance of recycling, the company helps conserve natural resources, reduce energy consumption, and decrease the overall environmental impact of waste. This approach aligns with the broader goal of creating sustainable, zero-waste communities.

Through the implementation of these three core principles, Yo-Waste Ltd. contributes to the development of cleaner, healthier, and more environmentally responsible communities. Their holistic approach not only addresses the immediate challenges of waste management but also works towards a long-term vision of sustainable urban development, where waste is minimized, resources are conserved, and communities thrive.

Steve measuring plastic waste for recycling by Yo-Waste recycling partners

2. Can you elaborate on the three(3) key strategies Yo-Waste recommends for keeping a home waste-free?

i) Waste Segregation:

Waste segregation involves the separation of different types of waste at the source where they are generated, such as homes or businesses, into distinct categories like organic, recyclable, and non-recyclable waste. This practice is a fundamental step in the waste management process as it helps streamline the safe disposal and recycling processes. We encourage waste segregation as a way to make the subsequent stages of collection, transportation, and recycling more efficient. By educating our clients about the importance of segregating waste and providing clear guidelines on how to do so, we can ensure that valuable recyclable materials are diverted from landfills and sent for recycling, while organic waste can be composted or treated appropriately.

ii) Waste Storage:

Proper waste storage is essential to prevent environmental contamination, public health risks, and aesthetic degradation. We advise our clients and businesses on safe and appropriate ways to store their waste before collection and go ahead to provide trash bags for storage. Storage could also involve using sturdy and leak-proof containers to prevent waste from spilling, attracting pests, or creating odors. Adequate waste storage also ensures that waste is not scattered by wind, rain, or domesticated animals contributing to a cleaner and more orderly environment. By promoting responsible waste storage practices, we can help maintain overall cleanliness and sanitation.

iii) Signing up for Yo-Waste Waste Management Services:

We encourage communities to sign up for our waste management services through our mobile application as the final and crucial step in keeping their homes waste-free. This step is crucial because the biggest problem faced in the waste management scene is unreliable pick-up by other players. By signing up for our services, we shall ensure reliable and proper waste disposal and recycling services. Our services include scheduled waste collection, proper transportation, recycling initiatives, and waste audits to tailor solutions to specific client needs.

Together, these practices create a comprehensive waste management strategy that focuses on sustainability, environmental responsibility, and community engagement.

3. How does Yo-Waste’s approach contribute to both environmental conservation and community well-being? (as compared to its competitors)

Our approach is more end-to-end and encompasses the Circular economy principles while looking at diverting waste from landfills. This sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to make significant contributions to both environmental conservation and community well-being.

Environmental Conservation:

Yo-Waste’s emphasis on waste diversion aligns with the Circular economy concept, where resources are used efficiently, and waste is minimized through recycling, reusing, and reducing. By diverting waste away from landfills and illegal dumps, we reduce the strain on limited landfill space and prevent the release of harmful pollutants into the environment. This approach conserves natural resources by recycling materials like plastics, paper, and metals, thereby reducing the need for new raw materials. Our commitment to waste segregation and recycling minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the energy consumption associated with the production of new goods. This holistic approach to waste management significantly contributes to mitigating climate change, preserving ecosystems, and safeguarding natural habitats for future generations.

Community Well-being:

Unlike some of our competitors, our approach isn’t limited to waste collection alone. We prioritize community engagement and education, empowering individuals to become active participants in waste reduction efforts. By educating communities about waste segregation, safe waste handling, and the importance of recycling, we foster a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness. This not only creates cleaner and more pleasant living environments but also enhances the overall well-being of residents. A cleaner community is associated with improved air quality, reduced health risks from unmanaged waste, and a heightened sense of civic pride.

Differentiating Factors:

What sets us apart from competitors is our comprehensive and integrated approach. We don’t just collect waste; we educate, engage, and collaborate with communities to drive lasting change. Our focus on waste diversion, recycling, and the Circular Economy principles leads to a more sustainable waste management model. By partnering with local recycling facilities and promoting responsible waste disposal practices, we create a positive feedback loop that benefits both the environment and the community.


In conclusion, Yo-Waste’s approach stands out by encompassing the Circular economy principles, emphasizing waste diversion, and actively involving communities in the process. This approach allows us to achieve meaningful environmental conservation by reducing landfill usage and greenhouse gas emissions. Simultaneously, it enhances community well-being by creating cleaner, safer, and more aware neighborhoods.



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