How Ugandan garbage collection companies are benefitting from technology

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2 min readApr 12, 2021
A garbage collection service provider monitors his duties technologically on his smartphone

It’s easy to think that garbage collection is all about having a smelly truck loaded with rotten foodstuffs and peeping old torn slippers, pull over at your neighborhood. The story in between the collections is silent and almost unheard of.

Uganda’s waste management industry is fast shifting from informal to tech-assisted processes. The old narrative was more about having a bicycle guy come at your door every after a week to fidget with the now overflowing heavy wet smelly garbage in a sack just at the corner of your compound with old and young houseflies hovering over the sack like they’re at a funeral of their grandma housefly. These informal garbage cyclers usually dumped the garbage in secluded trenches or roadside gardens just a few kilometers from the garbage source.

However, tech innovations meant to assist processes such as garbage collection have quickly found comfort on the landscape of informally-driven businesses.

A garbage truck traverses one neighborhood in Kisaasi

The Yo-Waste technology, an innovation allowing garbage collection companies to monitor their business, has allowed for improvement of service provision for Ugandan homes and businesses.

The special feature that’s part of the Yo-Waste technology, which is referred to as Yo-Waste Hauler allows garbage truck drivers/haulers to view assigned jobs to handle on a particular day. The drivers can use the system to register new clients and pick location coordinates for clients technologically as directed by Google Maps. When a collection has been completed, the system will make an indication to the driver. This is efficient for accountability on the side of the collector.

Loading the garbage truck

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